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Jack Dorsey on Twitter's Role in Free Speech and Filter Bubbles The Twitter CEO talks with WIRED Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Thompson about how the social media service is different today than 12 years ago. Details
Here's What Astronauts See When a Rocket Aborts Mid-Flight Nick Hague, the NASA astronaut onboard the Soyuz rocket that failed after takeoff last week, recounts his experience inside the capsule. Details
Your Facebook Posts Can Reveal If You're Depressed Researchers used people's Facebook data and their medical records to detect early symptoms of a mental health problem. Details
Paul Allen Thought Like a Hacker and Never Stopped Dreaming The Microsoft cofounder, who left the company in 1983, died Monday at age 65 of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Details
You Can Now Run Some Code Hosted on GitHub GitHub Actions will allow developers to automate some tasks for managing their code. Details
Audi Brings Drift-Happy Driving to Its Electric E-tron SUV The German automaker takes advantage of its all-electric powertrain to make the E-tron a delightfully drifty luxury SUV. Details
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2018): Specs, Price, Release Date Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite e-reader gets an update. You get more storage, better lighting, and still no Alexa. Details
Which Microsoft Surface Should I Buy? (2018) We rounded up your options to help you decide which Microsoft PC suits your needs. Details
Netflix May Not Win a Best Picture Oscar, but We’ll Win Better Movies After pushes into sci-fi and rom-coms, the streaming titan is throwing its considerable weight behind a spate of auteur-driven dramas. Details
Uber and Lyft Made Traffic Worse in San Francisco. But It’s Complicated A new report concludes that Uber and Lyft were responsible for 51 percent of the daily vehicle delay hours in the city between 2010 and 2016, but there are a few big caveats. Details
Google’s CEO Says Tests of Censored Chinese Search Engine Turned Out Great At WIRED's 25th anniversary festival, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the company would be able to serve more than 99 percent of queries. Details
Jack Dorsey Has Problems With Twitter, Too If you have issues with Twitter, you are in good company. Jack Dorsey does too.  Details
How to Watch the WIRED25 Festival and Summit Can’t be in San Francisco for our 25th anniversary bash? Here’s how you can join the fun, wherever you are.  Details
Life-Saving Deliveries Will Get Drones Flying the Skies It’s a lot easier for regulators to understand the need for new frameworks that allow innovations like drones, when every flight could potentially save a life.  Details
Marc Benioff Wants to Tax Billionaires, Including Himself The Salesforce CEO supports a tax on businesses such as his own to attack San Francisco's homelessness epidemic. Details

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As affordable housing crisis deepens, states begin to take action 

In 2017, nearly half of all renters across the country were rent-burdened, according to the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies. In response, states from California to Louisiana are beginning to pass legislation aimed at solving the problem. 

Labor-union militancy revives, from hotels to schools and steel mills 

A strong US economy hasn't resulted in rapid wage growth. Now the labor movement is regaining momentum through bargaining and nontraditional tactics, like union members running for office.

How rising interest rates are shaking up the economy 

In late September, the Federal Reserve announced another increase in its benchmark interest rate, marking the the third time it has done so in 2018. This explainer goes into why that happened and how it will impact stocks, bonds, and market volatility. 

Faces of a new capitalism: How Millennials are embracing socialist values 

Many Millennials are rebelling at an economic system that they believe puts profits over fairness and equality. Is capitalism too harsh?  

NBA channels efforts to hire more women into high power positions 

Though the NBA receives high marks for its racial hiring practices, it does significantly worse when it comes to hiring women. But that may change as the organization looks to hire more women as leaders. 

Concerned about Trump-family tax gaming? His law may prompt others to dodge. 

Concerns have flared about Trump-family gaming of the US tax system. It’s an issue that goes way beyond the president, but experts say his tax-cut act has made aggressive tax avoidance more likely.

A 'Trump doctrine' on trade? He's anti-globalist but still wants deals. 

President Trump cut a trade deal with South Korea and now one with Mexico and Canada. With Japan or Europe possibly next, some patterns are emerging. Factories aren't the only priority.

Hotels try out home-sharing to compete with Airbnb and the gig economy 

As Airbnb grows around the world, hotels have recognized that some travelers prefer the personal touches of a home over a cookie-cutter hotel room. Through new partnerships global hotel chains are trying out home-sharing themselves, to varying levels of success.

As hiring tightens, Amazon hikes minimum wage to $15 an hour 

In response to a more competitive hiring process, Amazon has raised hourly wages for 350,000 workers across the United States. Recent figures show hiring and wages in the US have grown at their fastest pace in nine years, but some say they aren't rising fast enough.

Behind tariff chaos, a world rethinking trade ties 

Will President Trump's "America First" make America last in the world of trade? Hardly. But a move by China this week signals how other nations are seeking to diversify their trade at a time when ties with the United States are stressed.

SEC's complaint against Elon Musk reveals the risk of tweets  Details
Can that iPhone be fixed? Consumers seek the ‘right to repair.’ 

In a throwaway culture of increasingly complex goods – from smartphones to tractors – a battle pits consumer freedom against manufacturer control of sensitive parts and technology.

With an eye on rising rents, cities start to regulate Airbnb  

Does the home-sharing website Airbnb feed a shortage of long-term rental housing? We look at the gig economy balance of small-business freedom and government oversight.

For US manufacturers, tariffs offer little chance of past productivity 

President Trump has levied tariffs on billions of dollars of Chinese goods in a bid to protect American industries. But many producers know the policy won't change an already globalized economy. 

Cities battle their states over paid sick leave policy 

Since 2015, more than 20 cities have approved measures requiring companies to provide workers with paid sick leave. But opposition on the state-level remains, and lawmakers are not hesitant to push back.