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'Westworld' Recap, Season 2 Episode 9: The Many Lives of the Man in Black As the series's second season wraps up, the wall between his real-life self and Westworld persona comes crashing down.  Details
Elon Musk Digs Chicago, Byton's Tesla-Fighter, and More Car News This Week Plus: Volvo gets some lidar, Seattle's high-tech tunnel, and Boeing tries to make the future of flight a lot more fun.  Details
Trump's Meeting With Kim Jong-Un Tops This Week's Internet News Roundup Last week, social media was awash in commentary about the historic meeting between the US president and the North Korean leader.  Details
This Crazy Slide Is Either Evil or Funny It's like the designer *wanted* people to crash in excellent viral videos. Details
The Powerful Groups Stonewalling a Greener Way to Die "Aquamation," a greener form of body disposal, is gaining acceptance in America. But some groups are fighting to stop it. Details
When 'Fornite''s Biggest Stars Congregated Under the LA Sun The 'Fortnite' Pro-Am event, held during the E3 videogame show this week, brought together titans and fans of the world's biggest game. Details
The Dark Side of the Crypto Revolution As the trustless, decentralized world of digital tokens expands, fraudsters, gamblers, sex workers, and drug dealers are cashing in. Details
A Rare Bird's-Eye View of Hong Kong's Vanishing Rooftop Culture Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze captures daily life unfolding atop buildings in the crowded district of Kowloon.  Details
The Key to Triumphing Over Star Wars Trolls Former *Mythbusters* host Kari Byron has a few suggestions for handling toxic fans. Details
A Snooping Soccer App, a Decades-Old Bug, and More Security News This Week. Encrypted email, a 20-year-old bug, and more security news this week.  Details
Tech Deals: Vizio, 23andMe, iPad Mini, Amazon Devices Go shopping for DNA testing kits, fancy robot vacuums, gaming hardware and software, and more this weekend. Details
Instant Film Cameras From Fujifilm and Lomography Prove It's Hip to Be Square We look at two cameras that approach the iconic quadrilateral instant photo from new angles. Details
Space Photos of the Week: Mars Attacks Opportunity  The huge cloud blocks out the sun, sending Oppy into low power mode.  Details
The Universe Is Not a Simulation, but We Can Now Simulate It Computer simulations have become so accurate that cosmologists can now use them to study dark matter, supermassive black holes, and other mysteries of the real evolving cosmos. Details
Why You Should Slack Off to Get Some Work Done One cautionary point: Pro-leisure science does not give permission to trance out on Twitter or graze Netflix endlessly. Details

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Amid legal attack on key health-law provision, uncertainty and uproar 

The latest legal battle over "Obamacare" pits the Trump administration against Republicans in Congress, highlighting a value that spans partisan divides: concern for helping people with "preexisting conditions."

Seattle's tax test: big employers and the social costs of wealth 

Seattle just dropped a controversial plan to ease homelessness by taxing large local firms like Amazon. But the underlying question lingers: Should big employers be tasked with helping to reduce inequality?

US charitable giving (by the wealthy) sets record at more than $400 billion 

Just last year alone Americans donated $410 billion dollars toward charity, making this the first time the United States has topped the $400 billion mark, thanks to large gifts by major philanthropists. But overall, American generosity hasn't increased in decades.

AT&T-Time Warner deal could open floodgates for megamergers 

Despite government resistance, the recent approval of the AT&T-Time Warner merger could bring more media conglomerates in the future as cable, satellite, and phone companies strive to grow to compete with Amazon, Google, and Netflix. 

Is world using US as a 'piggy bank'? The tensions behind a Trump comment. 

Coming out of the Group of Seven summit, the rift between the United States and key trade partners seemed to deepen amid unusually harsh rhetoric. Key to the clash is Trump's worldview on trade.

Qatar Airways emphasizes commitment to gender parity after sexist comments 

Off-handed sexist remarks by Qatar Airways CEO draws criticism and prompts discussion on lack of diversity in upper ranks of aviation. Currently there are only six female chief executives, or 2 percent, in the 280-member airlines group International Air Transport Association.

Adding more women to workforce could extend bull market, study finds 

More women entering the workforce could add $2.87 trillion dollars to the US market capitalization for the next 10 years, according to S&P Global, but issues around childcare and maternity leave still need to be addressed in order for women to enter and remain in jobs long term.

Trump tightens screws on trade, raising risks for economy – and himself 

Talk of a potential truce has given way to a ratcheting up of tensions between the US and key trading partners. Even supporters of tougher US policies say this holds hazards.

Employers attract Millennial workers with student loan benefits 

Now that unemployment is at an 18-year low, US companies are implementing student loan repayment programs as a way to recruit younger workers and help relieve them of student debt.

California city mayor proposes to combat poverty with guaranteed income 

Mayor Michael Tubbs of Stockton, Calif., has planned an 18-month experiment to provide citizens living in poverty with $500 a month to see how they use the cash. The initiative will be privately funded by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes' philanthropic network.

US economy shows firm footing with unemployment at 18-year low 

After a slow economic start to 2018 in the United States, the unemployment rate reached a recent low of 3.8 percent, with record lows for black Americans and high school graduates.

Dodd-Frank 'rollback'? What bipartisan easing of bank rules could mean. 

Banks are a fulcrum of the economy, either fueling growth or sometimes stifling it when their condition turns sour. So it's worth a closer look when some Democrats join Republicans to ease their regulatory boundaries.

Why the US and China settled for a trade truce 

Trump's threat of a US-China trade war has abated, but underlying tensions are likely to deepen over China's drive to catch up with the US on technology. 

Wyoming tries to attract blockchain business 

Wyoming has passed several laws to make it a more friendly state for blockchain companies, the much-hyped decentralized database that records digital currency transactions. The state, dependent on fossil fuels, hopes to diversity its economy by attracting tech businesses. 

Setback for workers: What fallout as Supreme Court OKs forced arbitration? 

Some employers have faced allegations of widespread workplace discrimination or cheating workers on their pay. Yet increasingly workers are asked to waive any right to class-action lawsuits in order to be hired. A Supreme Court ruling now gives employers added leverage.