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Audi Cars Tell You How Fast to Go to Catch All Green Lights The automaker's new feature taps into light timing data to let drivers ride the “green wave” and breeze through town.  Details
Netflix Just Canceled 'Jessica Jones' and 'The Punisher' The final two shows of the streaming service's Marvel partnership got the axe. Details
Is That Dagobah? No, Just a Real-Life Magical Forest Neil Burnell's photographs of Wistman's Wood in Devon, England evoke comparisons to 'Star Wars' and 'The Lord of the Rings'.  Details
Would You Pay $6,000 for Vision-Quality VR? The VR-1, from Finnish company Varjo, isn't exactly cheap, but its resolution is so high that many companies are eager to get it. Details
The Government's New Weather Model Faces a Storm of Protest The National Weather Service will soon introduce a new forecasting model, but meteorologists are saying it's worse than its predecessor. Details
Evenflo Gold Smart Convertible Car Seat Review: Safety First We know you would never leave your child unattended in the car. But if you did, this seat would tell you—over and over again. Details
Will AI Achieve Consciousness? Wrong Question We should not be creating conscious, humanoid agents but an entirely new sort of entity, rather like oracles, with no conscience, no fear of death, no distracting loves and hates. Details
The Confounding Climate Science of Lab-Grown Meat The assumption goes that lab-grown meat will drastically reduce emissions of beef production. But you know what they say about assumptions. Details
Russian Hackers Go From Foothold to Full-On Breach in 19 Minutes A new ranking of nation-state hacker speed puts Russia on top by a span of hours. Details
Why a Grape Turns Into a Fireball in a Microwave Nuking a grape produces sparks of plasma, as plenty of YouTube videos document. Now physicists think they can explain how that energy builds up. Details
The Great White Shark Genome Is Here—Superpowers and All Sharks are renowned for their wound healing, lifespans of 70-odd years, and low rates of cancer. Their genes could reveal their superpowers. Details
Star Wars News: Is 'Episode IX' Called 'Balance of the Force'? That's the rumor. It sounds possible—but also kinda hokey.  Details
38 Best President's Day Sales on Laptops, TVs, Gear (2019) We found the best tech bargains for the long holiday weekend from Apple, Google, Amazon, Dyson, and more. Details
In Defense of Videogame Selfies (Yes, Really) Corny? Maybe. But sharing our characters' journey in games like Kingdom Hearts 3 is prelude to a world in which virtual and real inextricably coexist. Details
10 Best Cheap Headphones and Earbuds for 2019 (Under $100) We’ve picked the best affordable in-ear, over-ear, and on-ear headphones in every budget price bracket. Details

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New York's opposition to Amazon might scare off other tech companies  

Amazon has scrapped plans to build a headquarters in Queens amid fierce opposition from politicians, but experts warn that the pushback against the tech company could be seen as a warning to other companies considering a relocation to New York.

For many Americans, the Trump tax cut doesn’t feel like a boost 

President Barack Obama’s signature domestic initiative, on health care, was marred by a glitch-prone rollout. Is President Trump’s tax-cut law hitting comparable bumps now, in its first tax-filing season?

T-Mobile, Sprint defend merger to lawmakers 

The companies' executives argue that the merger will force the industry to up its game, improving quality of services and lowering prices. But the deal must win approval from federal regulators.

Climate’s pressure on energy firms isn’t just political, it’s financial 

PG&E’s bankruptcy filing has wider implications. Will CEOs’ and shareholders’ closer attention to the business risks of warming accelerate the move to low-carbon power?

US considers a tax on wealth, even as other nations back away 

Elizabeth Warren is considered a candidate of the left, yet even half of Republicans share her view that the wealthy should be taxed more. A key question: Is a tax on wealth rather than income the way to do it?

Shutdown may be over – but economic ripple effect goes on 

Consumers, businesses, and investors loathe uncertainty. That's why the full effects of a government shutdown are hard to measure, and its end isn’t like turning a light switch back on.

As AI advances in multiple industries, workers need new job skills 

Artificial intelligence could severely disrupt a quarter of US jobs. Economists say the jobs likely to be spared from automation will require advanced education, interpersonal skills, and emotional intelligence.

Farmers have a beef with plant- or lab-grown ‘meat.’ Should you care? 

How we speak can say a lot about how we think ​– and it can influence how we spend. Consider a rancher-led battle over food labels, where ‘plant-based meat’ is either an oxymoron or cutting-edge Earth-friendly cuisine.

Employees ‘taken hostage’: the ethics of the US government shutdown 

Compelling people to work without pay is fast becoming more than a legal issue for the federal government. Viewed as a social compact, it raises serious ethical questions, too.

Sears dodges liquidation, stores to stay open – for now 

The company's chairman and largest shareholder won a bankruptcy auction for the chain, which hasn't seen a profitable year since 2010. If Sears keeps its lights on, the company could save tens of thousands of jobs across the United States.

US-China trade: How dose of reality is pushing both sides to deal 

During 2018, the outlook seemed to grow steadily worse for relations between the world’s two largest economies. Things are shifting as both sides see the risks of a trade war.

Recession is a risk in 2019. But maybe one that policymakers can avoid. 

A number of key trends in the economy are positive, from wage growth to low interest rates. Some of the biggest wild cards are trade policy and central bank actions.

Stocks dive, again. Does Wall Street foresee a recession?  

After several strong years, stock markets look rattled as 2018 draws to a close. A mix of factors signal a heightened risk of a slowdown, but an outright recession is far from certain.

Where local residents help birth the businesses that serve them 

Often new businesses rely on financing from a top-down system where bankers call the shots. For places that feel left behind, often communities of color, some new models are springing up. 

From hemp to organic foods, farm bill embraces change in rural US 

Passage of the farm bill is a rite of Congress that often borders on the arcane. But this year’s version signals how American farming is gradually embracing a vision beyond the industrial model.