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This Week in Cars: Elon Musk and the Future of Tesla As Elon Musk draws the wrath of investors and maybe the SEC, whither Tesla? Plus, the Boring Company heads to LA, and Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs tries to rethink the future of cities. Details
Omarosa's Possible Trump Tapes Top This Week's Internet News Roundup There are more tapes than people originally thought, apparently.  Details
How to Protect Your Phone Against a SIM Swap Attack Your phone number is increasingly tied to your online identity. You need to do everything possible to protect it. Details
The History of 'It's Not a Bug, It's a Feature' It's an acknowledgment, half comic, half tragic, of the ambiguity that has always haunted computer programming. Details
Tired of Twitter? Join Me on Mastodon Forget Twitter's truncated timeline, terrible ad algorithm, spammy sponsored content, and overall bad vibes. Give Mastodon a shot.  Details
The Mighty Honeybee Is Fighting Poverty and Deforestation in Zanzibar On this Tanzanian archipelago, conservation and economic development are intertwined. Details
Best Weekend Tech Deals: Bose QuietComfort, Galaxy Note 9, iPad, Xbox One S The best tech and gaming deals this weekend: Apple, Bose, Beats, Galaxy Note 9, Roku, and more. Details
Owning Guns Is Sort of Like Owning Rattlesnakes Author Michael Bishop's 'Rattlesnakes and Men' is about a town where everyone owns a dangerous ophidian. Details
A Costly CIA Mistake, a Campaign Hack, and More Security News This Week New cyberwar policy, body scanners in Los Angeles, and more of the week's top security news.  Details
A Straightforward Timeline of the FCC's Twisty DDoS Debacle It's a complicated situation and a complicated subject. Maybe this will simplify things. Details
Space Photos of the Week: Supersized Saturn and Jumbo Jupiter Sometimes the big guys, with their massive storms and fun-for-kids-to-draw rings, get all the attention. Details
PK360 Grill & Smoker Review: Well-Built Cooking Excellence PK's grill-and-smoker combo is solidly constructed and has excellent temperature control. Details
7 Best Cheap iPhones and Android Smartphones ($250-$550) The absolute best Android and iOS phones you can buy for under $550. Details
Scientists Are Developing a Unique Identifier for Your Brain A neurological “functional fingerprint” allows scientists to explore the influence of genetics, environment and aging on brain connectivity. Details
Elon Musk Is Broken, and We Have Broken Him The CEO's increasingly erratic behavior is putting Tesla at risk. And there's blame to go around. Details

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Amid fires and hurricanes, price of climate change begins to hit home 

Climate change, which many skeptics argue is more bark than bite, is starting to demonstrate an impact on economies – and perceptions.

US economy: How strong is it? 

The most recent GDP report was the best since 2014. The White House predicts growth topping 3 percent for the calendar year, which would be a first since the Great Recession. Here's a deeper look at the trends.

Small organic dairy farms fight to stay in business 

Farmers running small-scale organic farms say lax regulations have allowed large confined animal operations to dominate the industry, leaving smaller owners either barely squeezing out a profit or in most cases losing money. They are pushing back by appealing to consumers.

NYC moves to regulate app-based ride services with cap on vehicles 

The one-year halt of new licenses for Uber and other ride-hail services is the first attempt by a US city to regulate the rapidly changing industry. The proposal's backers say the explosion of such services harms its own drivers and taxi drivers, while opponents say restrictions limit reliable transportation options.  

For Arkansas town desperate for investment, trade dispute with China hits home 

Two years ago, a Chinese company committed to creating thousands of jobs in Arkadelphia, Ark., with the construction of a paper mill in the small town. But trade disputes between the United States and China have left the deal in limbo. 

New York's shrinking garment district hangs on by a thread 

To revive New York's dying garment industry, a new plan proposes preserving at least 300,000 square feet of the garment district for manufacturing. That's millions fewer than factories occupied as recently as the 1960s when many of the clothes sold in the United States were made in Manhattan.

The future of payday in the US may be flexible-pay services 

For workers living paycheck to paycheck, one modest financial setback can lead to severe financial hardship. Flexible-pay services allow workers to take out money from their paychecks as they need it.

Who's left to employ? Tight job market scoops up those on the margin 

A tight job market means opportunity – including for Americans with prison records, disabilities, or health challenges. And their participation could strengthen the economy in the long run.

'Outlaws' no more: How a driver shortage transforms big-rig work 

Freight trucking has long been economically vital but fraught with hardship. Now a driver shortage is bringing new racial and gender diversity – and a change in on-the-road lifestyles – to the work.

Facebook stock plunges in biggest one-day drop in stock market history 

The $119 billion drop has stirred up questions about the future of the social media giant as it grapples with big existential questions ranging from users' privacy to fake news.

US, EU agree to more talks to avert trade war over autos 

President Trump announced he will withhold new tariffs on European auto imports and in return the EU has promised to buy US soybeans, easing some stress on farmers feeling the effects of China's tariffs, but details of the agreement are still to be determined.

Is there a conservative case for a carbon tax? 

When a Republican congressman from Florida proposed a tax on carbon emissions, a conservative backlash followed. Yet many GOP voters and businesses support incentives for a clean-energy economy.

Help wanted now! What full employment looks like in one Wisconsin city 

This year, for the first time since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began tracking job openings 18 years ago, there are more positions available than workers to fill them. Wausau, Wis., offers a glimpse into what cities across the US may be facing in the future.

Amid trade war fears, an unresolved issue: how to get China to play fair 

For a seemingly dry subject, trade policy seems to resonate with Americans. Perhaps competitive disadvantage is intuitive. The idea of a trade war instills fears, but unfair practices breed resentment.

Slumping milk prices force dairy farmers to think outside the barn 

Dairy farmers have seen low milk prices before, but the current downturn has been severe in its duration. As some dairy farms fail, others are finding new paths forward.